"You've got to make your team have value, innovation, and vision. You need the right people with you, not the best people" Jack Ma

Bill Ho, Founder of Envio Enterprise

Our approach is cut to the chase and get to the point. Together with the experienced and relatively young go-getters we deep dive into the biggest problems, knots, and obstacles, so that we can get the show going.

Before even starting to work on your business, you should really get clarity into what the business is about, we will then align mindsets with the vision and finally take the right action.

You can think of us as a commercial platform to do all those things. Come look for us and have a chat. We have developed a system that works efficiently and effectively, we have also created the necessary infrastructure and a successful Startup Eco system.

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There are already many courses and subsided management courses from Workforce Singapore, and NTUC education or training programmes.  We urge you to take up those courses if your objective is to prepare yourself with some basic fundamental knowledge about business management. With us, we actually diagnose the case with you and device workable strategies and execution plan.

What is my role? ACE

My role is to create value with you by being your Accelerator + Collaborator + Enabler.

What is Accelerator? Accelerating your business growth and innovation

  • Incubators and accelerators are critical in a start-up ecosystem to drive the growth of innovation, commercialisation of ideas and patent creation.

What is Collaborator? Business partnering and getting more strategic partnerships

  • Seek Develop Grow Secure (leveraging and optimising each other’s’ strengths to achieve desired goals in the shortest time possible)
  • Types of collaboration – business, industry, and research

What is Enabler? Problem solver, set up systems and processes, automation. 

  • Identify, initiate, innovate opportunities for key business improvement.
  • Add value to all businesses by putting the customer at the centre of all their decisions.
  • Enablers are the people who help the implementors focus on implementing.

Addressing sustainability:

To address a very real situation where companies or startups who want to be more sustainable, but because they have difficulties in meeting their bottom line or net income, we will provide and share more applicable solutions. Together with my partners, we aim to create value everyday with sustainable impact.

Do note I am not trying to sell a fantasy here that by just listening to videos or reading some articles or books will turn things around for your company. Extra effort and teaming up with professionals and advisors are very necessary too.


  • Raised more than $100 million
  • Engaged more than 100 startups
  • 1 IPO
  • Regional experience
  • Turnaround loss making companies into profit

Together with my venture partners, we are even stronger.
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VALUE CREATION (the winning formula)

2-day program on startups and scaling up| Reduce failure rate and increase the chance of success.

After the program, you should have CLARITY, align your MINDSET and take ACTION.

  • Clarity
  • Certainty
  • Customized business plan
  • Enhanced knowledge and assurance
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Implementation
  • Motivation
  • Funding – debt / equity
  • Business partner
  • Stronger Team or learn to build one
  • Leadership
  • Mentor

We will address key questions:

  • Am I stuck.. or how do I know I am stuck and how do I get out from this current state
  • How do I know my company is really performing
  • Need to grow sales
  • Need to increase profit
  • How to optimise or leverage on debt
  • How to increase cash flows
  • Is having more cash a good thing for business
  • How do I make decisions
  • We only have few hours a day for work, and how few days in a week… Do I have adequate time to do more
  • I don’t report to anyone and have been working for myself all this time… is this good
  • How to improve or adopt effective tax planning
  • Should I go regional and when to go regional and how
  • As a start-up co or having a new concept for a new product, what should I do
  • How to manage risks from product to market stage
  • How to create and run a sustainable business
  • What do investors want / what do investors look for
  • When to raise capital
  • Company Valuation – now and future
  • How much and for what
  • Funds raised can be for own salary or significantly paid as own salaries/fee/bonus
  • When do I see profit
  • Why is my profit forecast much lower than forecast
  • Where is my cash

Recent campaign posted on YouTube:

What you have to do is to create a 1-minute video about what you think of the problem and showcase your solutions. I have done a sample 1-minute video and you can click the link below to view it.…

The due date for your 1 minute video presentation is 15 May 2020. Within 1 week I will post them on to YouTube. Limit to 30 videos each batch. If I have received more than 30 videos, I will continue to post them every 2 months. For instance, after 15 May, followed by 15 July and 15 September 2020. Altogether let’s run this particular campaign on plastic waste recycling for 3 batches. I think it is very helpful indeed, to observe the ideas and support flowing in, at the same time, the number of views and likes and comments are visible to the public… thanks to the incredible social media platform, such as Youtube! Please feel free to invite friends and even have your own initiative to drive sustainability actions.

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