Capital Funding

Having difficulties in working capital, cash flows, and financing asset management? We work with accredited Fintech and financing partners to structure your capital needs in such situations.

Venture Capitalist (VC) Mandate:


  • set up trial/promotional campaigns quickly and easily; sponsorships
  • connections with CEOs/gate-keepers​​


  • attract talent​; motivate staff
  • advice & mentorship
  • increase company’s credibility
  • legalise the company valuation + exit-planning


  • immediate sales via direct purchase
  • lower company expenses; increase profits


  • via equity buy-ins or loans​
  • fulfill purchase orders when necessary

Other possible source of funds:

For further information, please contact [email protected]



 SME Qualifying Criteria

  • Singapore registered company
  • 30% local shareholding
  • History of bankruptcy to be settled for more than 24 months while history of adverse litigation to be settled for more than 12 months (at a minimum, self-declared)

Supporting documentation

  • Documentation requirements – Original cited and authenticated
  • 6 months’ bank statements
  • Directors’ documents (NOA, NRIC, CBS)
  • List of financial liabilities (Loans and borrowings)
  • Past 2 years’ company financial statements and latest management accounts
  • Aging List (Receivables and Payable)
  • Company GST statements (if applicable)
  • Invoices/ Contracts (if applicable)
  • Other required documents for the purchase of financing application (if applicable)


  • Money lender
  • Currency, Commodities & precious metal (all types) traders
  • MLM / Pyramid scheme companies
  • Investment holding companies
  • Real estate investment, Financial institutions & Investment fund companies
  • Shell companies