Our Start-Up Ecosystem

  • Business advisory | Business accelerator and monitoring program | Business proposal validation | Startups and Scaling up | Product to market | Pitch to investors | Incubation program
  • Investment and Funding including Venture Capital, debt and equity and Fintech services
  • Corporate services – Virtual CFO, COO, co sec, incorporation, book keeping, directorship, tax computation and compliance, HR services, ISO compliance | Distress and duress cases
  • Sales of business units | Merger an acquisition | IPO ready

The Startup Ecosystem for an Entrepreneur:

The startup ecosystem consists of a group of people, startups, and related organizations that work as a system to create and scale new startups. Startup ecosystems are formed often in a relatively limited area with a center of gravity like a university or a concentration of technology companies. This ecosystem draws together key actors and stakeholders that gravitate towards growth ventures, including new entrepreneurs, mentors, incubators, sources of talent such as universities and corporations, investors and supporting services like startup-savvy law and accounting agencies.

How to build an ecosystem:

Based on the examples above, we’ve compiled four of the most important factors to consider when developing an ecosystem:

  • Inspiration – use local media to advertise networking and thought leadership events. Start-up blogs and publications, targeting entrepreneurs, are really effective tools to connect likeminded people.
  • Education – reach out to local academic institutes to help nurture and attract the best talent. Organise best practice events to facilitate knowledge sharing.
  • Team building – provide services that help to connect start-ups and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Investor networking – organise demo days to connect start-ups and local entrepreneurs with professional investors and venture capital specialists.