Why 90% of Startups Fail, and What to Do About it?

Why successful startups are so important to the economy?

Not only we will have to live with very little innovation, very little competition, and perhaps very little job opportunities …no successful startups basically means no growth, huge cost to government to spend funds on job creation, more money will be spent or already being spent to set up institutes and centres, that don’t meet the expected Return on investment. It also means, loss of tax revenue because there is simply no growth.

Now having more successful startups will create more jobs leading to more tax revenue to the government, a better economy means greater job fulfillment, happiness and our well being in general.

How to start a new business or new product?

Critical to understand what value proposition means.  One of the most important question if you are planning to start a business or already running a business, is to ask … is my business really performing or is the business I am about to start going to be a success.

How we can help

Our focus and roles are very clear.

We have partners for funding in your business, both debt and equity, including business partnering in scaling up to the point of successful exit. We have also incorporated relevant non-core tasks, such as corporate services into our business model. So that we work more on focusing the core values and critical success factors, such as growth in sales and marketing, branding, and business processes just to name a few.

We will also validate your idea or business proposal pro bono, only if we consider the initial value proposition to be feasible, and a good fit into other venture companies in our ecosystem.

Effective tools:

  1. SWOT
  2. GAP – future ready, position, map execution plan, success factors, action and monitor!
  3. BSC – balance scorecard
  4. Using KPI to get results
  5. Lean launchpad


Financial assistance Financial assistance grant

Startup SG Founder

New entrepreneurs can look to Startup SG Founder for funding support, mentorship and business networks.

Startup SG Tech

Startups can seek early-stage funding to fast-track commercialisation of scalable in-house solutions with Startup SG Tech.

Non-financial assistance

Under Enterprise Singapore’s startup programme, there are numerous schemes or nine pillars of support available:

  • Startup SG brings together an array of schemes and a network targeted at nurturing your startup at any size or stage of growth. We hope to provide you a launchpad to connect to the global stage.