Sustainable Development

In case you have not heard of how climate change has drastically changed our lives today, I urged you to find out more. It affects our home, food, health, security and cost of living… just to name a few.

Envio’s main goal is to create value in how businesses are being run today, and the key word is sustainability. What sustainability means is how we work better to avoid depletion and degradation of natural resources.

How do we create sustainable impact? 
(What are the problem statements? What and how do solve customers’ pain points?)

The annual generation of plastic waste, e-waste, and relevant materials that can be repurpose, increases worldwide and, particularly, in Singapore that triggers an interest from industry and government. To complete the circular economy or zero waste ambition, just having a recycling operation/facility is not sufficient. Therefore, an urgency to develop an effective waste management system towards zero waste as well as execution of sales strategies, and as such we are looking into a digitalization scale up platform to encourage waste collection, such as a market place with effective and profitable business model in converting plastic waste to high value product.

How we can help:

  • Improve and take action on waste management, recycling rates, and demand for recycled or eco-friendly products
  • Industrial and household material flows and costs, and develop concrete plans to improve material efficiency.
  • Connect practices from Sustainable development goals (SDG) and Circular Economy framework, that is Social + Technologies + Business model.
  • The significant positive impact would be towards zero waste, GHG reduction, and sustainable ecosystem in our environment.
  • Sustainability reporting, such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Articles and info

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